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Quite Strong present:

Moxie Series

A one-day workshop to inspire confident creatives.

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About MoxieCon

You've learned how to harness your creativity. You can kern or code with the best of them. It's now time to make sure you get paid. MoxieCon is a day–long crash course on the business side of design and technology. Practical talks and workshops on how to be more assertive, how to self-promote, how to sell your ideas, and how to protect yourself legally. In short, how to make that cheddar and look good doing it.


MoxieCon 2013 A one-day workshop to inspire confident creatives


April 27, 2013
  • 7:45am Registration
  • 8:30am Program
  • 6pm Fin

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  1. Jen Myers Jen Myers
    Jen Myers Jen Myers
    Designer, Developer, Teacher

    Jen Myers is a web designer, UI developer and instructor at Dev Bootcamp in Chicago. She established and organized the beginner coder education program Girl Develop It Columbus in Ohio and regularly speaks about topics related to design, education and diversity in the technology field. She likes good film, comic books and frequently changing her hair color.

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  2. Elle Luna Elle Luna
    Elle Luna Elle Luna
    Designer & Artist

    Elle Luna is a designer and artist in San Francisco who works with startups to bring beautiful, compelling user experiences to life through product, brand and storytelling. She is recognized as one of Silicon Valley's leading women designers by Fast Company, in part thanks to her work with The Designer Fund & her numerous talks on humanizing brands.

    She recently launched Mailbox, a mobile-first email app for the iPhone, which is being heralded in the press as "The Best Email Management App You'll Ever Use." Prior to working with startups, Elle worked at IDEO. Her work includes re-imagining the sponsorship strategy for Brazil's 2014 World Cup, redesigning Target's video game buying experience & building a new US government agency as a part of Obama's Wall Street Reform Act.

    When she's not designing, you can find Elle promoting design through AIGA, where she sat on the board of directors for three years, writing for Design Observer, and making a big mess in her studio, where she gets paint on all of her clothes and recently installed an indoor swing.

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  3. Rob Loukotka Rob Loukotka
    Rob Loukotka Rob Loukotka

    Rob is an artist, graphic designer, woodworker, optimist, and serial risk taker. The Fringe Focus workshop in Chicago is Rob's visual arts playground complete with a laser cutter, CNC router, power tools, and a literal metric ton of screen prints.

    Rob's ACME Corporation poster is the second most successful graphic design project ever on Kickstarter after raising over $105,000. Rob's artwork can be found in galleries like Gallery1988 in Los Angeles, and Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn. Fringe Focus has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Wired, and probably some other places too.

    Follow Rob's work on Twitter or Facebook.

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  4. Max Shapiro Max Shapiro
    Max Shapiro Max Shapiro
    Director of Experience Strategy

    Max is currently a Director at VSA Partners in Chicago where he works closely with designers, writers and developers to create design strategy. Prior to VSA he worked at Ogilvy and SapientNitro. His list of clients includes IBM, John Deere, SC Johnson, Unilever, Hyatt, and Forrester.

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  5. Susan Betteridge Susan Betteridge
    Susan Betteridge Susan Betteridge
    Group Creative Director, McGarry Bowen

    Susan is a writer and a lover of ideas. She currently fosters integrated advertising campaigns that both build brands and drive activation as a Group Creative Director at McGarry Bowen.

    Before joining McGarry Bowen, Susan was an SVP Creative Director at DraftFCB. Throughout her career she has created campaigns for Disney, Cox Communications, State Farm Insurance, Volkswagen, Kraft, Jim Beam, Kmart and more.

    Susan is a graduate of Michigan State University and has served as a judge for the Addys and NSAC AAF student competition. In her free time she loves skiing, further defining the term "foodie" and running with her Weimaraner named Gunther.

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  6. Lisa Congdon Lisa Congdon
    Lisa Congdon Lisa Congdon
    Illustrator & Fine Artist

    Illustrator Lisa Congdon is best known for her colorful paintings and collages. Her vast catalog of work includes illustrations for The Obama Campaign, Chronicle Books, Land of Nod, Harper Collins Publishing, and Simon & Schuster, among many others. Lisa is also known for her hand-lettering and pattern design, and keeps a popular daily blog of her work called "Today is Going to be Awesome." She lives and works in Oakland, California. Visit her website at and follow her on Twitter at @lisacongdon

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  7. Travis Life Travis Life
    Travis Life Travis Life

    Travis Life, founder of Life Law Office, is a Chicago-based entertainment attorney who holds various chair-level positions with the Chicago and American Bar Associations, including Membership Chairperson of the American Bar Association Forum on the Entertainment and Sports Industries. He holds over 10 years’ experience assisting music professionals with contracts, licensing, business formation, intellectual property and other legal counseling. Travis Life has organized many successful art businesses, such as record labels, music marketing companies, film production companies, online entertainment companies, music promotion corporations and music management companies. He is frequently asked to speak at local art events on how to own and manage a successful art business.

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  8. Mare Swallow Mare Swallow
    Mare Swallow Mare Swallow
    Speaker, Consultant, Author

    Marianna ("Mare") Swallow is a professional speaker, corporate trainer, and founder of the Chicago Writers Conference. She hosts workshops throughout the year, and offers private coaching to her clients. Learn more at or

    Mare's talk will address how you represent yourself – and why it matters no matter how good or talented you are. "Creative" does not mean "casual" or "sloppy"–let's button it up a bit!

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  9. Max Temkin Max Temkin
    Max Temkin Max Temkin
    Designer & Gamer

    Max Temkin is a designer from Chicago, Il. He works for good causes like Obama for America and makes the games Cards Against Humanity and Humans vs. Zombies. He recently opened a co-working space in Logan Square for cool people only. The Atlantic called him, "just some guy."

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  10. Ann Friedman Ann Friedman
    Ann Friedman Ann Friedman
    Editor & Writer

    Ann Friedman is a magazine journalist who loves the internet. She used to be the executive editor of GOOD, and now she's a politics columnist for New York magazine's website. In 2012, she co-founded a magazined called Tomorrow with her former GOOD colleagues. She curates the work of women journalists at LadyJournos!, makes hand-drawn pie charts for The Hairpin, and dispenses animated advice for journalists at the Columbia Journalism Review. In July 2012, CJR named her one of 20 women to watch. Look for her work in The New Republic,, Rolling Stone, Time Out Chicago, The Gentlewoman, The American Prospect, The Baffler,, Refinery29, Bookforum, and on her personal site, Follow her @annfriedman.

    Photo credit: Stephanie Gonot

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200 graphic designers, art directors, illustrators, interactive designers, user experience designers, web developers, students, recent graduates, freelancers, small business owners, teachers, and more are attending Moxie Conference. Tickets are sold out. Add yourself to the wait list with the links below in case more tickets open up!


If you purchased a ticket and are unable to attend, please let us know by April 20, 2013 so we can refund your ticket and open up a spot to someone on our wait list. To do so, please notify us by email.

The Guest List

  1. Katherine Walker
  2. Elaine Chernov
  3. Jana Kinsman
  4. Victoria Pater
  5. Jennifer Sisson
  6. Nick Disabato
  7. Elisha Marshall
  8. Isabelle Pantazis
  9. Ellen Oberhart
  10. Sloane Smith
  11. Dominic Avallon
  12. Judith Mayer
  13. lisa hammershaimb
  14. Vanessa Rosenbaum
  15. Franchec Crespo
  16. Adrianne Hawthorne
  17. Daniella Echeverria
  18. Glynnis Ritchie
  19. Collin Koetz
  20. Alyssa Low
  21. Chelsea Lee
  22. Margot Harrington
  23. Chad Kouri
  24. Chelsea Peterson
  25. Joel Sunman
  26. Kitti Gould
  27. Jonathan Akin
  28. Ben Wagner
  30. David Borra
  31. Ryan Hathaway
  32. Shellie Argeanton
  33. Kurt Cruse
  34. Nick Haas
  35. Allyson Wakeman
  36. Catherine Bauer
  37. Veronica Corzo-Duchardt
  38. Joe Razza
  39. Maria Filar
  40. Brittany Zeller-Holland
  41. Kim Seipel
  42. Mary-Fran Wiley
  43. Tuan Pham
  44. Emily Haasch
  45. Ashley Vaughan
  46. Ethan Gunderson
  47. Flo Kat
  48. Andrew Merritt
  49. Justin Siddons
  50. Vanessa Grass
  51. Lucy Hewett
  52. Mike Wozniak
  53. Jessica Jacobs
  54. Kristen Boice
  55. Karen Altes
  56. Mimi Wilson
  57. Jennifer Kernica
  58. Bill Hinderman
  59. Jacob Van Order
  60. Carey Brown
  61. Stephanie Raab
  62. Jessica Lester
  63. Michael Pietrus
  64. Evan Benner
  65. Mollie Shafer-Schweig
  66. Christopher Wilkinson
  67. Carl Hill-Popper
  68. daniel mcmanus
  69. Christopher Givens
  70. Bridget Hapner
  71. Brittany Skwierczynski
  72. Rebecca Bischoff
  73. Melissa Washburn
  74. Adam Coulter
  75. Mary Karlson
  76. Jason James
  77. Sarah Holden
  78. Paul Kizior
  79. Eric Boyer
  80. Kim Epperson
  81. Alex Gilbert
  82. Andy Richardson
  83. Tre Jorgensen
  84. Matthew Jorgensen
  85. Seth Kasky
  86. Frances MacLeod
  87. Ricky Salsberry
  88. Heather Murray
  89. Erin Burke
  90. Chad Behnke
  91. Chris Meisner
  92. Alison Yard Medland
  93. Dawn Hancock
  94. Annika Welander
  95. lisa szkatulski
  96. Melissa Berger
  97. Larissa Walkiw
  98. Robyn Boehler
  99. Elisabeth Lambright
  100. Tracy Harris
  101. Rachael Smith
  102. Kristin Redman
  103. Angela Vitzthum
  104. Terese Elhard
  105. Kelsey Oseid
  106. Catherine Batliner
  107. Michael Anthony
  108. Anna Teeter
  109. Miranda Birch
  110. Gemma Petrie
  111. Brandon Tone
  112. Sandy Jackiewicz
  113. Jen Marquez
  114. Dirk Rowe
  115. Brian York
  116. cicely combs
  118. Marina Goldshteyn
  119. Kristin Duhaime
  120. Matthew Assell
  121. Greg Wohlwend
  122. Carolyn Friedman
  123. Steve Truppe
  124. Kik McNally
  125. Jonathan Remoquillo
  126. Devin Parker
  127. Cari Parker
  128. Gordon Liang
  129. Katelyn Landeck
  130. Laura Alwin
  131. K. Heinrich Makarowski
  132. Victor Fong
  133. Ashley Plumb
  134. Erin Harned
  135. Golli Hashemian
  136. Sarah Hammershaimb
  137. Mike Aparicio
  138. Pegs Keiner
  139. Sharlene King
  140. Aly Dodds
  141. Susan Fireside
  142. Daren McNay
  143. Jackson Cole
  144. Christina King
  145. Hanna Andreski
  146. Taylor Styduhar
  147. Rachael Glasder
  148. Caity Moran
  149. Denson Sterling
  150. Bryan Sebastian
  151. Tom Brow
  153. Julia Fedor
  154. Gail Swanson
  155. Laurel Stanley
  156. Hannah Rebernick
  157. Ryan Winke
  158. Elaine Short
  159. Katelyn O'Connor
  160. Laura Kuyachich
  162. David Ritter
  163. Beth Voigt
  164. Katie Foran-McHale
  165. Rachel Wiandt
  166. Zach Martin
  167. Jessica Simmons
  168. Patrick Sisson
  169. Dominick Lopez
  170. Douglas Dircks
  171. Alex Martinez
  172. Kate Disbro
  173. Loretta Robinson
  174. Ari Krzyzek
  175. Andrew Bouverette
  176. Jessica Peterson
  177. Patrick Siren
  178. Lindsey Tom
  179. Michele Jackson
  180. Anthony Wedick
  181. Becca Heuer
  182. Jimmy Hansen
  183. Amanda Schwartz
  184. Sabine Krauss
  185. Hulya Akca
  186. Adam Jankowski
  188. Mike Nichols
  189. Jennifer Yung
  190. Deborah Sherwin
  191. Katie Ingersoll
  192. Lauren Thomson
  193. Thomas Quesse
  194. shane mabus
  195. Lisa Janunas
  196. Michele Pistone
  197. Youssef Attalla
  198. Marco Siegel-Acevedo
  199. Silvana Favaretto
  200. Adam Schuld
  201. Kaitlyn Stancy
  202. Allison Traynham
  203. Zeke Franco
  204. Danny Murphy
  205. Carly Jankauskis
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Please arrive on time.
Quite Strong
Opening Remarks
Jen Myers
How to Change the World with a Girl and a Computer
Elle Luna
Here, I made this.
Rob Loukotka
Jumping off a cliff without a parachute
Max Shapiro
Strategy in the Service of Design
Susan Betteridge
Why Words Matter
Lunch Break
Lisa Congdon
Build It and They Will Come: Getting and Sustaining the Work of Your Dreams
Travis Life
Lawyer Up! Practical Legal Tips for the Creative Business
Mare Swallow
Present Yourself with Clarity and Confidence
Snack Break
courtesy of Neenah Paper
Max Temkin
30 Power Tips to Synergize Your Cloud-Based Revenue Stream Community
Ann Friedman
Bye, Hater: How to Use Criticism of All Kinds to Improve Your Work Instead of Hinder It
Quite Strong
Closing Remarks
The Point Chicago
1871 is a hotbed for designers, coders and entrepreneurs in Chicago.
Merchandise Mart

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MoxieCon only happens from the enormous support from our community. We'd like to thank these wonderful companies for their generosity.

Presenting Sponsors

Event Sponsors

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Just a short walk from the event, join us at The Point on 401 N. Milwaukee Ave., just west of the Merchandise Mart.

We'll get the first drink while you rub elbows with the day's speakers in a relaxed Chicago neighborhood gastropub. On top of a great drink selection, The Point also boasts the best nachos around. Thank you to We Are Mammoth and Cards Against Humanity for helping make the party happen.

The post-party is a short walk from Moxie.

Nitty Gritty

Speakers and schedule subject to change without notice.
Please email us with questions.